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Government Grants

The only Search Engine in the world dedicated to searching out Free Government Grants.


Government grants for 2009

1.5 trillion available to start a business, housing, education and more. free applications included.


Business Grants

Business Grants are free money from the government.


Foundation Grants for 2009

There are over 100 billion dollars available for the year 2009!


Government Grants Application

Government grants Application Package. Apply now!


Government grants for 2009

1.5 trillion available to start a business, housing, education and more. free applications included.


Perfect Business Plans

Their team of expert writers and business professionals work together to provide Spectacular Business Plans for reasonable pricing.


Dear Grant Seeker:

My Name is Adam Goodman. I have been working with government grants resources and research for the past 12 years in Washington DC. My goal is to make the grant application process as easy and cost effective as possible. So that average people like you can apply.

Government and Private organizations are giving out billions of dollars to people like you to start or expand a business, There is money available but the average person is not aware of this funding. That is why I am here to help you. Remember this is money that never needs to be paid back. Poor Credit, bad credit, bankruptcy.. no problem. All you need to do is apply to the appropriate agency and follow the application process.

Here are a few websites I recommend.

My recommendations are based on the quality of the product and the popularity of each program. Over 100 programs were purchased and evaluated. Most of the programs were poorly done and assembled in a haphazard fashion. 95% of the web sites we contacted never replied nor did they have a phone number to contact them. What remains are the programs listed below.

Grant Seeker Pro, Inc

Applications for 2009 are Being Accepted right now! Best program available on the market. Company recently received award from the television series HeartBeat of America hosted by William Shatner. This company has been helping ordinary people receive Government Grants for the past ten years. Their Application package comes with everything you need to apply for any government grant. The application Package includes the complete listing of all government grants including Small Business Grants, Housing Grants, Minority Grants, Grants for Women etc... Also includes applications, proposal samples and state of the art business plan software program. Receive instant updates whenever the government issues new programs. Only grant program that has that feature! Most importantly they have Technical Support and Customer service available by phone and even by Live Chat. NO other Grant Service provides an Online Chat Service. We give this program an unprecedented 5 Stars!

Free Government Money.US

This site also has one of the best selling US government grant programs being sold online today. Easy to understand format. Detailed descriptions of all available grant and loan programs such as Business Grants, Grants for Women, Minority Grants, Housing Grants, Education Grants, ..etc. Also provides you with numerous helpful bonuses such as Info Mail Software, Nationwide Foreclosure Property List, Foundation links, 85 Money Making Reports, Venture Capital Database. Too many extras to mention here. Email support and Customer service phone numbers are available.

Small Business Grants

If you want to Start a new business or expand an existing business this is the best place by far! Learn how to take advantage of over 300 billion dollars in grants for your business! The program is extremely easy to understand and use. This site also provides information on low interest and no interest business loans. You will receive step by step instructions on completing all the required paperwork including applications and business plans. Included FREE is a business plan software program that is valued at over $100.00. When it comes to small business they are the best!

Grant Application for Only $5.99

This company provides Instant Access to the largest Online Database of Government and Private Grants in the nation. Grant Applications are also Included. Once you pay the $5.99 set up fee they Instantly provide a User Name and Password so that you have immediate access to the complete lists and application program. As an online service this is the only one I recommend. Customer service phone numbers are provided once you become a member.

Perfect Business Plans 5 Stars

If you are applying for Grants or Loans for a business then you are going to need a plan. While all of the grant services listed here provide a means to write your own plan I have come across an excellent service that will do the work for you! I take great pride in recommending PerfectBusinessPlans.Com as my premier provider of business planning services. Their team of expert writers and business professionals work together to provide Spectacular Business Plans for reasonable pricing. Everyone knows that in business you need to have a plan and PerfectBusinessPlans.Com is the "Perfect" alternative to those with a busy life that are struggling to complete their own plan. Save Thousands over traditional consultant services.

College Scholarships and Grants

As the name implies this program deals almost exclusively with education. Only available on a CD or as a download this program provides excellent detail on all available federal education grant and loan programs. We found this program to be extremely accurate and up to date.

Another excellent resource is